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Why Irrigation Technology is changing the Landscape of Agriculture

Irrigation remote control technology is one of agriculture’s most critical and influential tools to ensure maximum yield and productivity. As per statistics, irrigation is used for almost 50% of all crops grown worldwide. Nowadays, so many irrigation technologies are available to farmers, and there is a significant demand for irrigation technology in the agricultural sector. The following article will give you an overview of the latest trends in irrigation technology.

Water harvesting technology

This technology is helpful for farmers to grow fruits and vegetables in arid regions. The water harvested by this method can be used to water the crops later. This type of technology has several benefits, such as low water loss, no use of fertilizer, and no use of pesticides.

Low-tillage technology

It is a technique of managing soil, crops, and fertilizers that are easy to manage and maintain. This technology prepares the soil in a way that allows plants to increase. It is suitable for growing all types of plants. It is suitable for organic farming as well as conventional farming.

Drip irrigation system

This is one of the most popular and efficient methods of irrigating crops. With the help of this system, water is delivered to the plants in small quantities at regular intervals. This type of irrigation is more efficient than other types of irrigation.

Soil moisture sensing system

This technology is beneficial for farmers. When the moisture in the soil gets low, the pump starts working and delivers water to the crops. It is helpful for the farmers to know the amount of water the plants need. It saves water, reduces the cost of water, and improves the yields of crops.

Electronic irrigation controllers

This is a computerized device capable of regulating the water supply to the crops. It is a reliable and efficient tool that helps reduce the farmers’ labor hours. It also helps farmers to save energy and money.


Technology is changing the world. Today, technology is improving day by day, and it is making our lives easier and more efficient. Irrigation technology is one of the essential tools in the agricultural sector. With the help of this technology, farmers can improve the quality of their crops. Irrigation technology is changing the way farmers work.

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