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Hollstein Career and Technology Center

Hollenstein career and technology center (HCATC) is an educational institution in New York City that offers different types of educational programs for students. The school is affiliated with New York University and is managed by New York University.

As per the reports, the school is approved by the New York State Education Department and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Many schools offer the same type of courses, but what makes Hollstein different from the other schools is the presence of faculty members who are experienced and knowledgeable.

The main objective of Hollstein Career and Technology Center is to provide the best possible education to students. The school offers classes on various topics, including computer science, engineering, finance, health care, law, hospitality, and more.

There are various educational programs offered by Hollstein Career and Technology Center like,

Computer Science

The course is for those who want to develop their technical skills. The students will learn about concepts like web designing, HTML, CSS, Java, and other technologies.


The engineering course is for those who want to develop their practical skills. The course teaches the students how to design and build different devices and equipment.

Health Care

The health care course combines anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, and immunology.


The law course is for those who want to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills. The course is designed to develop the legal knowledge of the students.


Many career options are available for students, but choosing the one that matches your interest is essential. If you are looking for a job, selecting the course that will help you land a good job is better.

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