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Gramhir – How to Use Instagram

Instagram is an incredible social networking platform that is used by millions of people around the globe. Nowadays, almost every person is addicted to this app and uses it daily to communicate with friends and families. But, there is one problem with this app that many users need to be made aware of: Instagram has blocked the feature of posting on multiple accounts.

However, there is more to come, as many other apps can help you to manage your Instagram account easily. I am sure that you will love this app, and here is a list of how to use the gramhir Instagram app.

  • How to access the Instagram app?

To access the Instagram app, you can either search on your smartphone or visit the official website of this app. The link to download this app is on the app’s website and will be visible once you open it.

  • How to manage the Instagram feed?

It is a straightforward process, as you can easily manage your Instagram feed by clicking on the bell icon on the right side of the Instagram screen. It will show you the notifications of new followers, and you can also check your followers’ posts quickly.

  • How to upload photos to Instagram?

You can easily upload photos on your Instagram account by dragging and dropping the photos on the album present on the Instagram feed. However, you can also click on the photo and then upload it.

  • How to edit Instagram photos?

You can easily edit Instagram photos by zooming in and out the image. There is also a feature for adding filters to the photos, but you only need to save the photo before applying the filter.

Conclusion: We have discussed the features of the Instagram app in detail, but I hope you will get an idea of how to use this fantastic app.

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